Ragdoll Cat Care

by Rob on September 21, 2013

Ragdoll cats are typically low maintenance cats. There are however, things you can do to help keep your Ragdoll cat well groomed.

Brush your Ragdoll regularly to remove loose hair. This will help reduce hairballs and unwanted shedding on your clothes and furniture. Hairballs form out of hair swallowed by your cat while grooming. If your Ragdoll is unable to expel the hairball serious intestinal blockage could occur.

It is best to brush your Ragdoll cat daily. Set a specific time of the day to play with and groom your Ragdoll cat. While brushing, examine your cat’s skin for bumps and other irritation. When you brush your Ragdoll cat start from the head and brush down to the tail along your Ragdoll’s back. Brush each area of your cat 3 or 4 times in the direction of your cat’s coat.

Avoid brushing your cat’s paws or face. Check your cat’s teeth, ears, and eyes. Cat eyes should be clear and bright. There should not be excessive crusties (crusties is a technical term for eye goop) in the corners. Your cat’s ears should be pink on the inside and clear. If your Ragdoll has dirt in the ears it could mean your cat has ear mites. Ear mites can cause haring loss so you should have your cat checked out by a veterinarian. You can clean your cat’s ears using a damp cotton ball.

Examining your cat on a regular basis and keeping regularly scheduled checkups with the veterinary will ensure your Ragdoll cat lives a long, healthy life.

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