Your Ragdoll Cat’s Teeth

by Rob on July 19, 2014

Your Ragdoll cat will have two sets of teeth over his or her lifetime. Ragdoll kittens have their baby teeth and adult cats have their permanent teeth. Kittens have twenty-six baby or “milk” teeth and do not get molars until their adult teeth turn up. When your Ragdoll cat has adult teeth there will be four additional molars for a total of thirty teeth.

Baby teeth are often called milk teeth and start to show up when your Ragdoll kitten is about four weeks old. By the ripe old age of six weeks all of their baby teeth have come up. Teething during this time may affect their appetites and temperaments because their gums will be sore.

The baby teeth will fall out and be replaced by permanent adult teeth by the age of six months. Your Ragdoll cat has twelve incisors in the front of their mouth suitable ripping and cutting meat. The canines or “fangs” are for holding prey and ripping flesh. There are ten premolars and four molars designed to grind food.

Cats sometimes keep a baby tooth or two after their permanent teeth come in. These baby teeth need to be removed by a veterinarian to prevent them form interfering with your Ragdoll’s permanent teeth. This is also true of any “extra” teeth your Ragdoll cat develops. Caring for your Ragdoll cat’s teeth is an important part of maintaining a healthy cat. Regular checkups and cleanings with the veterinarian will help ensure your Ragdoll cat lives a long, healthy life.

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