Give Your Ragdoll Cat a Bath

by Rob on December 20, 2014

Giving your Ragdoll cat or kitten a monthly bath is important to help maintain a healthy coat. Not only does it keep your cat clean and smelling fresh, but it also aids in keeping the coat healthy. If you have a new Ragdoll kitten you can start bathing them from 6 weeks of age. Of course, they go through a time where they will resist a bit; however, with persistence they will get used to regular bathing.

Any pet shampoo is acceptable for bathing your cat. Other products that are safe to use are blue Dawn dish soap (excellent if your cat is greasy), and No More Tears baby shampoo. Do not use ‘human products’ as a general rule. They have additives for fragrance that can be irritating to a cat. Remember that your Ragdoll cat will lick the fur. Here are some tips to help make bathing go more smoothly.

Comb out your cat’s fur using a steel greyhound comb. Make sure there are no mats in the coat. If the mats are not removed first they will prevent the shampoo and water from penetrating to the skin, and will be impossible to rinse all the shampoo from.

Wet down your Ragdoll cat using warm water; Remember, their body temp is up around 103 degrees, where as humans are typically 98.6 degrees. You can put petroleum jelly around the eyes to help keep the shampoo from getting in.

Shampoo thoroughly using the product of your choice; only use shampoos that are for cats other shampoos can cause skin problems Apply shampoo to the entire coat and work in well, down to the skin. Don’t forget behind the ears and the legs and feet.

Rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner sparingly, and work in; rinse thoroughly again. Now you are ready to wring out the fur wrap your Ragdoll cat in a towel for drying. This may be the ideal time is clip all the claws, when your Ragdoll cat is wet and wrapped up securely in the towel. Next you can lightly spray the cat with the conditioning spray, and carefully comb through the coat with the steel comb. Many people do not like to comb while the cat is wet, often you will find that the coat can get knotted in places from all the shampooing and rinsing cycles. When you start drying, work from the bottom, (underside and legs) then work your way up each side finishing with the back and tail.

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