Ragdoll Cats and Feline Arthritis

by Rob on April 25, 2015

Arthritis is not a common aliment for cats. Arthritis usually develops in cats that have been in an accident and had injury to their joints or bones. Arthritis is inflammation of your cat’s joints; there are several types of arthritis that cats are susceptible to.

Feline arthritis typically comes in two different varieties. The first results from trauma from an injury. If your cat has ever been struck by a car it could develop this type of arthritis. The second kind of arthritis is Osteoarthritis; this results when a specific joint stops functioning due to abnormal bone growth. Elderly Ragdoll Cats are prone to this condition, although it can develop from traumatic arthritis.

Traumatic arthritis is not usually a permanent condition, but it can be extremely painful for your cat. This type of injury is very similar to a sprained muscle or tendon. If the bone fractures from the injury your Ragdoll cat may require surgery; you should have your cat checked out by your veterinarian if your Ragdoll is in pain or you observe unusual stiffness.

Both types of arthritis may require surgery for your Ragdoll cat to ease the pain. If your cat struggles with a weight problem this could compound the problem by placing more strain on the bone or joint. if you are concerned about arthritis talk to your veterinarian. Do not ignore a subtle problem with stiffness or discomfort as it could develop into a severely painful condition for your Ragdoll cat.

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