Hairballs are a problem for many cat owners. Ragdolls do not suffer fewer or more hairballs than any other breed; however, one hairball on your hardwood floors or Berber carpet is one hairball too many. Hairballs are as much a problem for your Ragdoll cat as they are for your floor. If your cat develops a hairball and is unable to pass the hairball an intestinal blockage could develop, requiring surgery to correct.

Whenever your cat grooms its fur, he or she is swallowing hair that will collect in the digestive system. This hair collects and forms a densely matted hairball. When the hairball reaches critical mass your cat will hack and cough until it is expelled. This is the nasty blob of mucus and hair you are all too familiar with. So how can you reduce the frequency of hairballs with your Ragdoll cat?

The easiest way to reduce hairballs is to brush your Ragdoll on a daily basis. Regular grooming of your cat’s fur with a brush will reduce the amount of loose fur swallowed by your cat. Less fur swallowed when your Ragdoll cat grooms means fewer hairballs on your floors and furniture. If you have a severe hairball problem you may need to consult your veterinarian. There are medications that can improve your cat’s digestion and help to discourage the formation of hairballs.

Hairballs are unpleasant and painful for both you and your Ragdoll. Regular grooming, proper diet, and regular checkups with your veterinarian are the best way of combating your hairball problems.

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