Can Your Ragdoll Cat be Toilet Trained?

by Rob on January 24, 2015

Are you ready to chuck your litter box? Cat litter had always been a necessary evil for Ragdoll owners; however, more and more cat owners are dumping their litter boxes for good and toilet training their cats. Toilet training for cats is not as complicated as it sounds. Do you think your Ragdoll has what it takes to learn to use a commode? Here’s how you can tell.

First, Your Ragdoll Must Be Litter Box Trained.

This may sound like a no-brainer; however, if your Ragdoll is already having problems with the litter box you may not be able to train your cat to use a toilet. If your cat has no problems with the litter box you will use this behavior to condition your cat to use a commode instead. Cats have natural instincts to bury their waste in order to avoid predators. The water in the toilet simply takes the place of the cat litter; once your cat is used to this you have successfully toilet trained your Ragdoll.

Is Your Ragdoll Eager to Please? Cats that are eager to please their owners are much easier to train. This is especially true if you have trained your Ragdoll in the past. If your Ragdoll cat comes when you call, this is an indication your cat could be trained to use the toilet. Finally, your cat needs to be healthy in order to learn to use the toilet. If your cat suffers from arthritis or urinary infections they should probably stick to a litter box. Jumping up on the toilet could aggravate your cat’s medical condition. If you are concerned how training would affect your cat’s condition consult your veterinarian before getting started.

Training cats is very different than training a dog. Cats have extremely short attention spans and you need to be able to read your Ragdoll’s body language to tell when he or she is uncomfortable with what’s going on. With a little patience you should have no problems training your Ragdoll cat to use a toilet instead of the litterbox.

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