Ragdoll Cat Litter Box Problems

by Rob on April 19, 2014

If you are a cat owner experiencing litter box problems there are a number of factors that could be contributing to your problems. Your Ragdoll cat is a very clean critter; cats like using a dirty bathroom about as much as you do. There are also a number of health problems that can result from not keeping the box clean. First and foremost, if your cat is going outside of the box, make sure you are keeping the litter box clean on a daily basis.

If a clean box is not the solution to your problem consult your veterinarian for a checkup. There could be a medical condition contributing to your litter box problem. Once your vet has ruled out medical reasons here is a checklist to help find the culprit to your problem.

1. A dirty litter box is the most common reason for disuse, keep your box clean at all times.

2. The location of your litter box could be the culprit. If the box is located in a busy part of your house it may dissuade you cat from using it. Cats like their privacy just as much as humans due when it comes to the bathroom. Moving the box to a quiet, private area may fix the problem.

3. The litter box is too small.

4. Has your cat been de-clawed? Cats that have been de-clawed frequently stop using the box because of the sand on their paws. De-clawing is a horrible thing to do to a cat; pet owners that inflict this on their cats really deserve any litter box troubles they receive.

4. Have you changed the cat litter recently? Your cat may not like the new litter, especially if it heavily perfumed. What smells good to you can be repulsive to your cat.

5. Is your litter box close to the food and water bowl? Cats do not like to go to the bathroom where they eat. If your box and food are proximal to each other, moving them to different rooms could rectify your problem.

6. Are multiple cats using the same box? Some cats want exclusive use of their own litter box. Adding a second box to your home could rectify the problem. Some cats don’t like doing all their business in the same box. Having two boxes solves this problem as well.

You can learn more about solving your Ragdoll Cat’s litter box problmes with Ben Harper’s book Ragdoll Cat Secrets.

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