Ragdoll Cat Care and Training

by Rob on August 1, 2015

Ragdoll cats are the most intelligent breed of cat around; they are eager to please their owners and can be easily trained as a result. As with any animal, Ragdolls respond to training best when reinforced with rewards. This reward can be in the form of verbal praise or a treat. One example of positive reinforcement is lavishing your cat with praise when they use the scratching post instead of your Italian leather sofa.

Ragdoll cats do not shed in excess as they do not have an undercoat like the Persian cat breed. Ragdolls have soft, rabbit like coats that do not mat. You should still brush your Ragdoll cat on a regular basis to remove less fur as this will reduce the frequency of hairballs. Grooming is an important part of spending quality time with your pet. You should try and groom your Ragdoll on a weekly basis as part of the time you spend together.

One of the most important aspects of Ragdoll cat ownership is to keep your cat indoors at all times. Ragdolls are not outdoor cats and must be kept indoors exclusively. Ragdoll cats are trusting by nature and will often not defend themselves when provoked. Cats that are kept indoors also live longer and have fewer health problems than cats that are allowed to roam free.

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