Senior Cats Have Special Needs

by Rob on June 25, 2016

Your Ragdoll cat has different nutritional needs at different stages of life. Senior cats especially have unique dietary requirements. An elderly Ragdoll needs to eat different things than kittens or adult cats.
This may require you to add supplements to your elderly cat’s diet to make sure they are receiving the nutrients needed. Your Ragdoll’s energy levels may not change right away; however, their metabolism and fat absorption change as they get older. Elderly cats require higher amounts of protein than their younger counterparts. Fortified premium cat foods with smaller bites specifically marketed for senior cats are a good place to start.

As your Ragdoll ages, they are more prone to diseases; a cat’s immune system gets weaker as they get older. Their diet should be tailored to this to boost the weaker immune system. Regular checkups with your veterinarian can help to tailor a diet optimized for your cat’s medical conditions. As your Ragdoll ages he or she may have trouble eating. This could include complete lack of appetite for days. If this is not due to a medical conditon, it could simply mean your cats tastes have changed and he or she is turning their nose up at the old food. You may be able to spruce the food up by heating it or adding flavor. This can be done with gravy or broths. If nothing else works talk to your Veterinarian.

Keep close track of your Ragdoll’s eating routines and communicate this to your veterinarian; this will enable your vet to optimize foods for the specific needs of your Senior Ragdoll cat. By working with your vet and providing the proper nutrition your Senior Ragdoll can live as healthy and long as possible.


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