More on Cat Litter Box Problems

by Rob on July 23, 2016

If your Ragdoll cat has stopped using the litter box completely or is having frequent mishaps, there may be a simple solution to the problem. Here is a list of things to check that could be contributing to your litter box problem.

Are you scooping the box out on a daily basis?

Does your Ragdoll cat have easy access to the litter box?

Did you recently bring a new cat into your household?

Is your cat’s food and water bowl near the litter box?

Did you recently switch to a different brand of cat litter?

Did you start using or switch brands of cat litter disinfectant?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, go back to your old way of keeping up a litter box and you may find the problem goes away. If you have multiple cats in your household try setting up a litter box for each one. Some cats can be very picky when it comes to the litter box and they don’t want to share. If you recently moved the box to a different location, make sure the new area is quiet and offers your cat privacy. Another thing you can try is different types of cat litter; some cats prefer sandy cat litters. If your cat is going in one particular area, try moving the litter box to this spot. If your cat is going in different areas outside the litter box, try putting some cat food in these places. Cats don’t like to use the bathroom where their food is. Changing the type of box you use might help also; a litter box with a top could keep your cat inside the litter box. When your cat has an accident, use a strong enzyme cleaner such as uric acid to neutralize the smell. This will help prevent your cat from returning to that location again.

Stress could be contributing to your litter box problems. Don’t yell or punish your cat for this problem. Consider other factors that might be causing your cat stress. These factors could include other pets, children, illness, or new surroundings.

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