Ragdoll Cat Food

Feeding Your Ragdoll Cat

by Rob on August 30, 2014

With so many choices of cat food on the market today is difficult to decide which one is best for your Ragdoll cat. Most veterinarians will tell you not to skimp when it comes to feeding your Ragdoll and to purchase premium cat food. Here are some tips to help you decide which type of premium cat food is right for your cat.

When you choose a type of food for your Ragdoll cat you need to take into consideration not only the ingredients and the nutritional value of the food, but your cats age, activity level, and current health. It is important to feed your cat food based on meat; cats need meat in their diets for proper nutrition. Some owners like to feed their Ragdoll cats vegan treats. It is okay to feed your cat vegan treats as long as you are providing a stable diet that is meeting their nutritional needs.

Cat food comes in three varieties: dry, semi-most, and wet. Dry cat food is crunchy, kibble and has the side benefit of removing buildup from your cat’s teeth as it is eaten. For this reason most veterinarians recommend feeding dry food on a daily basis. Semi-most cat food comes in pouches and is more easily digested than dry cat food due to higher water content. Semi-wet cat food can be left out during the day for your Ragdoll cat to snack on.

Wet cat food has the highest water content of the three types and is the most easy to digest. Wet food is the favorite of most cats and comes in a wide variety of flavors from fish to chicken. This type of food does nothing to help clean your cat’s teeth and contributes to plaque and tartar build up. A suitable wet and dry food combination is to leave dry food out for your Ragdoll cat to nibble during the day and feed a can of wet food for dinner. Remember to refrigerate any unused portions as wet food will spoil if left out for too long.

Your veterinarian can recommend a brand of premium cat food and discuss your Ragdoll cat’s nutritional needs on an individual basis. Remember it is important not to skimp; pay the extra money for a premium brand of cat food such as Iams or Science Diet and your Ragdoll cat will live a long, healthy life.

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