Protecting Your Ragdoll Cat from Cancer

by Rob on March 28, 2015

The effects of cancer are not limited to humans. Your pets are also prone to a variety of cancers, including your Ragdoll cat. This includes skin cancer; even though your Ragdoll has a thick coat, cats that like to sunbathe are prone to skin cancer.

If your Ragdoll cat loves the sun you should examine your cat’s skin around the ears for black spots. These black spots often manifest themselves as pre-cancerous tumors. Many cats that contract these dark spots need to have their ears amputated to prevent skin cancer from developing. If you find spots around your Ragdoll cat’s ears, or notice color changes in existing spots, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Skin cancer is only one form of cancer Ragdoll cats face. Cancer in pets comes in a variety of forms you cannot always recognize by examining your cat. Cats develop malignant tumors in tissues just like humans. This tumor growth destroys healthy tissue and can spread to other parts of your cat’s body.

If you observe any of the following symptoms in your Ragdoll cat contact your veterinarian immediately as it could be symptomatic of certain cancers.

- Sudden Weight Loss or Loss of Appetite
- Labored Breathing, Lethargy, Stiff Joints
- Bleeding from the Eyes, Ears, Nose, or Anus.
- Open Sores that do Not go Away
- Swelling on Any Part of the Body
- Pain or Difficulty Using the Litter Box

There are treatments for cancer in cats. If you catch the tumor early the chances of survival are much greater. Make sure you keep all of the regularly scheduled exams with your veterinarian and perform your own self-examination of your Ragdoll on a weekly basis.

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