Ragdoll Cat Colors and Personality

by Rob on November 29, 2014

Ragdoll cats are available in three patterns: colorpoint, bicolor, and mitted varieties. The colorpoint variety has a different color on the points than the rest of their body. Body color is typically light gray, milky white, or fawn. Point colors include blue, chocolate, lilac, and seal. Ragdoll cats are “pointed” because they have these colors on their faces, ears, feet, and tails.

Bicolor Ragdolls come in the blue, chocolate, lilac and seal varieties. These are colorpoint cats with an inverted “V” pattern on their faces. Bicolors have a white ruff, white feet and legs and have patches of white fur elsewhere on their bodies. The mitted varieties get the name from the white mittens on their front paws. Mitted Ragdolls have white fur on their hind legs up to their mid-thigh and a white underside.

Ragdoll Personality

Ragdolls are very sweet natured animals. They exhibit many dog-like behaviors; your Ragdoll cat will run to the door to greet you upon returning home and will follow you from room to room in your home. Ragdoll cats are very docile by nature. Some of the misconceptions started by Ann Baker stem from this laid back nature. Ragdoll cats are non-aggressive to a fault. The will not defend themselves when provoked by another animals or children. This does not mean they will not run away; however, their lack of aggression requires that Ragdoll owners keep their cats indoors at all times.

Ragdoll cats are very much into their humans and do not exhibit the typical independent attitude cats are generally known for. Ragdoll cats have great personalities and make wonderful pets.

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