Caring for Your Ragdoll Cat

by Rob on July 4, 2015

The Ragdoll cat breed is often referred to as the low maintenance cat breed. Ragdolls need to be cared for like any other cat; however, they do not suffer problems other purebred cats frequently encounter.

Ragdoll cats have a thick coat that you might think caring for a Ragdoll would be a lot of work; however, because the cats do not have an undercoat, grooming is a snap. Unlike the Persian and Himalayan breeds, their fur does not mat and only requires brushing to remove loose fur. Regular brushing significantly reduces shedding on your furniture and the frequency of hairballs on your hardwood floors.

Ragdoll cats are a hearty breed and generally do not have any medical problems. Some breeders do not recommend giving your Ragdoll cat live vaccines; however, you should consult your veterinarian before making a decision against vaccination.

Ragdoll cats are trusting to fault; because this could lead to injury it is extremely important to keep your Ragdoll cat indoors at all times. Cats that live exclusively indoors have been proven to live longer and have better health than cats that are allowed to venture outdoors. Keeping your cat indoors can add as much as ten years to your Ragdoll’s life. Letting your cat go outside exposes him or her to cars, dogs, parasites, and evil children.

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